György Bajna: Lived 56 years? Self-training literary aspirations in Gyergyószentmiklós

A self-developing circle, founded in 1962 and operating for more than half a century, leaves undeniable impressions in the life of a small town. Especially in Gyergyószentmiklós, where there are traces of cultural necessity from the 19th century to the present days.

In this study, we focused mainly on literary-related organizations beginning in the 1890’s, in a nutshell, focusing on the role of the local press, so that we could take a closer look at the life and achievements of the literary circle that began in 1962 and its efforts to popularize and nourish literature.

Many members of the literary circle, operating until the spring of 2018, are today accomplished writers, rendering one or more published volumes. Along with them, we are proud to mention the major writers and poets who have been members of the circle over the years. Here are Kálmán Györffi, Géza Szávai, Zsolt Attila Papp, Edit Gergely, Róbert Vass, Antal Kamenitzky, Ernő Csata, Márton Albert-Lőrincz to mention. The present paper does not lack a hiatus but it provides the most comprehensive picture so far of, the once nationally known and recognized, literary circle’s history.


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