Kata Jánosi-Rekeczki: Examining Factors Determining the Career Choice of High School Students Focusing on Career Maturity and Coherence

The author, as a school educational advisor, finds that high school graduates have an outlined vision, are somewhat informed and decisive, but are highly uncertain about their future engagement. The research seeks to find the answer to this controversy, so it examines the correlations of career maturity and coherence, and the role of parents in making a career choice.

The research examined the senior students of the „Salamon Ernő” High School in 2017, using a mixed methodology, primarily by quantitative methods (formalized and self-constructed questionnaires) supplemented by semi-structured interviews. The research has demonstrated a sense of coherence as a specific internal attitude to the world, its role in the emotional life of the career choice by contributing to the degree of involvement and self-confidence of individuals. The results show that, in the process of career choice, the graduates need to be given more realistic career guidance and self-knowledge and parents’ supportive participation. Parents’ feedback is important to provide a mirror for adolescents looking for their identity and career image, to participate in a common discussion of opportunities, to represent their views, keeping in mind the freedom of the youngster’s individual decision.


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