Imola Baricz-Tamás: On teaching and education with József Balázs painter

„Today’s education system teaches young people from the shoulders up only and hardly down”, said József Balázs painter from Alfalu, as we talked about teaching, education, education of art and the teaching system. „There is no physical education, there is hardly any music class, not to mention drawing or painting classes or the history of art. With the real subjects and language learning is clearly developing the brain, it is needed, but today’s youth is scarcely affected by any emotional impact. The student’s heart and soul are not affected by the school”, said the painter in the summer of 2018, before retiring.

I am happy to retire, with the idea of getting rid of this scandalous education system, which is Romanian education, but I do not give up education”- continues the master, decorated also with a Mentor Price. He also talked about the fact that József Balázs, the artist, argues sometimes with József Balázs, the teacher, who does not regret his spare time to share with students requesting his help. He plans that during his years of retirement he will create a workshop, even out of a barn, replacing the school workshops, so that who really likes art and wants to be an artist can exploit his talent.


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