Attila Ilyés: The History of the Roman Catholic Teachers’ Society in Gyergyó from the beginning to the year of the millennium, until 1896.

The Act on Public Education of 1868 regulates the whole system of public education and makes the teaching associations mandatory. At the end of the 19th century, in almost every settlement of the Gyergyó Basin, schools were founded, built, and more and more pupils started to attend school. At the same time schoolmasters, sextons, cantor teachers are replaced by teachers.

With the growth of their numbers, they are grouped together in societies, and establish local self-development circles. In meetings and self-developing circles, they discussed not only methodological and educational problems, but also increased their knowledge in the field of fruit growing and beekeeping, which was passed on to local communities, contributing to its spiritual, cultural and economic development, accelerating the process of bourgeoisie. The young, enthusiastic teachers sought to get the Szekely youth to get higher qualifications, trying to protect them from possible migration. Entrepreneurs, merchants, and large farmers of the age helped the work of the association with membership fees and donations, and were honored to have hosted the members of the congregation.


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