Kinga Bakos: The Subjective Well-Beingof Teachers' Society in Harghita County

This paper analyzes the subjective quality of life of Hargita County teachers based on a 2016 representative data collection (N=328). The data collection was made in the form of an independent survey in Harghita county schools. The analysis shows that it is largely a middle-aged pattern with a mean age of 41 years and a gender distribution of 78.6% dominated by the „pink collar” occupations. The summit of Gyergyo is somewhat older, the average age here is 43.6 years. By type of school, the sample will be half and half proportionally rural and urban.

We can make some statements about the indicators regarding the quality of life. The data reveals that teachers are among the least satisfied with the transparency of the education system, the predictability of the changes and the security provided by the system, among all the factors of their professional quality of life.

They are most satisfied with their relationship with children, followed by the quality of their relationship with their colleagues and the parents. Interestingly, they are mostly satisfied with their wages. They are also satisfied with their health status, even those who are struggling with rheumatoid arthritis or anxiety. The social support network is perceived as a retaining power, and it turns out that in this pattern friendship is regarded as a relationship with a close, family-like ties.


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