Attila Papp Z. - János Márton: The Results of the Primary Schools of the Micro-Region in Gyergyó Based on National Evaluations 2011-2018

The study examines the results of the nationwide assessment of primary schools in Gyergyó based on public databases, encompassing the time-scale of 2011-2018. After a short introductory and some methodological refinements, the authors analyze the results of the exams from Gyergyó in county, micro-regional, municipal and school levels. In addition to the analysis of the averages, the comparisons of the test subjects and the differences between the Romanian and Hungarian language schools are also processed.

The most important results show that the average of the micro-region of Gyergyó was below the county average every year, and did not reach the top three microregions in a single year, according to the aggregate average, only fourth in the county. Furthermore, the schools in Gyergyó city performed worse in comparison with urban schools operating in the county than the Gyergyó village schools compared to rural schools in the county. In five cases of the eight years examined, one of the villages achieved the best result in the micro-region, exceeding the urban average. In the ranking of schools, no city institution has been included in the top ten city schools in the county and only one rural school is found among the top ten rural schools.


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